The Mission




Hi, I'm Rachel, Founder of Rooted Living.




I started Rooted Living when I was 19 because I was tired of making sacrifices every time I snacked. Either my snacks were packed with impossible to pronounce ingredients or wrapped in single-use plastic, a major environmental pollutant.

So, I started ideating, learning, and building. And a year later, Rooted Living was born. Rooted Living uses compostable packaging and snacks that are free of any refined ingredients, allowing you to shop, snack, and support your values.

Ending our reliance on single-use plastic is a big goal, and I've asked myself so many times why I, a college student, am qualified to help lead such a monumental movement. But everyone in the snack industry is so focused on what's inside the packaging, that what it comes wrapped in is overlooked. And I want to change that.

So I hope you'll join me, and snack with an impact.  


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