Snacks Without Sacrifices

Eco-friendly, plant-based snacks that allow you to shop, snack, and support your values.

We are committed to providing delicious snacks that are both good for you and the planet, no sacrifices made.


“What I love about Rooted Living is their commitment to sustainability, innovation and of course taste! They definitely have me as a customer for life!”

Sadhana Pakala

"An absolutely incredible product with an even more incredible mission, I can’t think of a company I’d rather support."

Anna Rychlik

"As someone who eats a lot of granola, this is the best granola I've ever had. And it tastes even better knowing I'm supporting such a great company."

Roman Distefano

“Ultimately, my mission is to be a leader in the fight against single use plastic by providing truly healthy food.”

News @ Northeastern

"There often isn’t another choice when it comes to the packaging on snacks, which is why she decided to create one."

News @ Northeastern